About Us

About us

About Us

DESIGN HOUSE India Private Limited is one of the most well-known and well-equipped producers of retail display solutions. Our efficient manufacturing and distribution network reaches across the country, providing clients with designing solutions. We have been in retail and corporate marketing for over 14 years and have specialised in in-house design, manufacturing, and execution facilities. We provide goods and services in over 30 categories.

DESIGN HOUSE India Private Limited, established in 2000, is a multi-discipline interior designing firm founded on a commitment to client service and quality design. We have a wide range of unique ideas that suit every taste & every budget. Subsequently, clients' can use their time for other businesses that may help them get financially strong. Giving your space a beautiful and different look has become the need of the hour in today's lifestyle. Your place depicts your personality and showcases who you are. So, be it corporate, retail, or residential interior, it should stand out in a group, and we take pride in the fact that we are experts in it. We offer everything under one roof to give you what you want. Designers at Design House India Pvt. Ltd. work with dedication to provide the best in every aspect.

Customer Service

Design House understands the requirement of clients and prepares itself to offer custom-made solutions more than the expected design/quality/cost and timelines of the clients. Our long-standing relations with our clients are evident in our approach.

Why Design House India Private Limited is the best in Delhi/NCR ?

People have shifted their focus from purchasing a house to making it a home with a perfect interior. Interior Designing & there are several changes which give a different look at the place. Interior designers are increasing day by day & in this case, one has to choose the right interior designer wisely. We have enlisted the reasons below why you should select Design House India Pvt. Ltd:

  • Our priority is client satisfaction
  • Every time you visit us, we provide you with beautiful & unique techniques
  • Each designer is skilled and professional
  • Regular meet-ups with the clients
  • For us, no single design is permanent, and we understand the taste of clients are subject to change
  • Affordable service without costing you your elegance
  • Our team works in different areas
  • Several projects but one result that is success
  • Our services cover all the nearby areas
  • We are social- Customers can easily visit our office or contact us via phone or email.

Our team.

Vijay Sharma

Managing Director

Mr. Anshul Aggarwal

Marketing Director

Vipin sharma


We believe in creativity, professionalism, specialisation, aesthetics, technicalities, expertise, economy, and a healthy environment. We work as a team with a group of experienced, creative, qualified technicians and professionals specialised in their own fields to take on the most difficult tasks, sense the specific nature of work, and evolve the most exquisite and beautiful working environments. Our experts and project managers provide technical support for our unique ideas and careful designs, thus making us A COMPLETE TURNKEY SOLUTION PROVIDER.

Our Associates

Ensis is a center of excellence and offers high-quality and best-in-class design and many Italian and European Kitchen cabinets and Shutter to suit all tastes while guaranteeing value for money.

Ensis is one of the leading manufacturers and importers of Wooden Flooring, Modular Furniture. Office Furniture, Modular Kitchen, Post Forming, and Wardrobes. Team of young, dynamic professionals who specialize in offering superior quality wonder wooden products that provide a complete blend of Quality, Durability & Style. It is a seasoned interior contracting firm serving various commercial and retail segments for the past seven years. Their quality and client servicing pay them with repeat business from esteemed clients. Our association with KUMAR DESIGNS provides support to meet their furniture and retail fixture requirements.

Facility And Infrastructure

We have the following in house facility to execute the work on time with a superior quality control mechanism.

Laser Cutting

HIP & ABS Thermoforming

Post Forming Machinery

Corian Sheet Fabrication

Acrylic Fabrication

All Types of Metal Fabrication

Solid Wood Furniture Fabrication

Modular Furniture Fabrication

ACP and Metal Signage Fabrication

Chair and Sofa Fabrication

LED Display Board

3-D Letter Signage

Powder Coating

Paint Booth

All Types of Polish Work

In House Carriage

In‐house Designing Studio

In‐house Tool Room Setup

HP Latex Digital Printing

Flex Printing

Cold Lamination Machinery

Hot Press Lamination Machinery

CNC Router Cutting


When compared to other interior designers, Design House will stand out for the value it provides in high-demand products that are not available from other designers or retail options, as well as for the superior service and support it provides. Perfect customer follow-through will be provided. The same tried-and-true elements that suggested increased success rates for interior design services are leveraged in this competitive advantage.

We provide the best interior design expertise for the home and workplace. The concept is distinctive due to the choice of antiques, home décor items, and ancillary goods as well as the interior design consulting expertise. The method we use is highly sophisticated; it starts with gathering all the relevant data, facts, and numbers, then analyzing them to develop the concept that will lead to an exclusive design created only for you. We value creativity throughout and have a history of being innovators in many fields. Every new project outlines and demonstrates a novel and forward-thinking method of design. For our clients, we guarantee “THE FINEST DESIGN POSSIBLE” thanks to our creative vision and approach to the projects. This is based on the specific specifications for the project’s space, atmosphere, and feelings.