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Our Team

Mr. Dinesh Rathore

Marketing Director

Design House India Pvt. Ltd is an interior designing company that is like a dream come true, offering high-quality goods and services to meet the client’s urgent and ever-changing wants in the Indian market. We have a solid reputation in the market today, and we proudly present our clientele. We have only been able to do this because we have kept our word, understood our clients’ needs, and delivered effective services to them- even going so far as to provide consulting services to better meet their needs. Our primary goal is to fully and sincerely satisfy the constantly changing needs of our clients while making the best possible trade-offs. Design House India Pvt. Ltd may put forth a lot of effort to meet the clients’ needs effectively since we are aware of the worth of our client’s money and time. By doing so, we affirm our dedication to offering services of the highest caliber, and we would appreciate your decision to put your trust in us to satisfy your demanding requirements.