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Design House

DESIGN HOUSE India Private Limited is one of the most well-known and well-equipped producers of retail display solutions. Our more efficient manufacturing and distribution network reaches across the country, providing clients with hassle-free solutions across the country. We have been in the retail and corporate marketing field for over 14 years and have specialised in-house design, manufacturing, and execution facilities. We provide goods and services in over 30 categories.

We have been in the retail and corporate marketing field for over 14 years and have specialised in-house design, manufacturing, and execution facilities. We provide goods and services in over 30 categories.

DESIGN HOUSE India Private Limited , established in 2000 is a multi discipline interior designing firm founded on a commitment to client service and quality design...

What We Do

Our success rate is based on two important questions, what we do and how we do, while what we do is we turn your house into a beautiful home, whereas how we do is based on three important pillars that are of evaluating concepts, developing designs, and implementing them with the best possible method to achieve your intended goals in order to shape the path of your project.

Design House India Pvt. Ltd.


Owing to our years of experience and expertise in product merchandising we are offering services varying across industries like consumer durables, beverages, technology, etc. to name a few.

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Design House India Pvt. Ltd.
Design House India Pvt. Ltd.

Retail & Corporate Interior

We will help you in elevating your business, without making your pockets lighter

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Design House India Pvt. Ltd.
Design House India Pvt. Ltd.

Branding & Signages

Effective branding & signage is important because it allows you to draw your attention to your company and further develop your brand.

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Design House India Pvt. Ltd.
Design House India Pvt. Ltd.

Exhibition & Events

A business exhibition or even can help you get a brilliant chance to research your market

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What People Says?

Vikash Gupta


"We are so grateful DESIGN HOUSE was selected for our new retail project. Working so closely with their team was a pleasure. They were professional and supportive, and they completely understood every aspect of what we wanted to capture. They described how we wanted our guests to feel as well as the design of the space that we wanted to create."

Aadesh Singh


"It has been a pleasure and a positive experience working with Design House. Their team did more than was required of them. We finished with a beautiful, functional, and very unique environment."

Tara Kumar


"Design House has done for us in an efficient and professional manner. The exceptionally talented team has provided us with a distinctive environment for our staff and customers. We are looking forward to future projects with Design House as it has been a great experience all around."

Vaishali Kumari


"Design House India has a great team, friendly relation, they designed the ideal house for my needs. They were originally recommended to us by a friend and now we recommend them."

Unnati Manav


"Design House India turned my house into a home. At the end, it was better than I could have ever imagined. We love it!”"

Lokesh Singh


"Working with Design House India, is working with glamour, responsibility, and commitment. They will work with your needs and help you going through the transition of renovating your home. Great company to work with, dedicated and passionate team."

Ankit Rajput


"7.It is great working with Design House India,on all of our residential and commercial projects. We highly recommend working with them… progressive interior design and easy execution!"

Aarush Rai


"It has always been a great experience in working with the team of Design House. They do their work in a professional manner. Great job team!"

Rachel Lakra


"I have worked with Design House for over 3 projects now and it’s just EASY and done better than anything I could attempt to do on my own. Now when I buy properties, I don’t hesitate or panic when I know they need to be completely renovated. "

Himanshu Kohli


"It is an honor to work continuously with the team at Design House. They are very professional, detailed and creative at everything they do."

Devesh Singh


"One of the best corporate interior designing company in Delhi NCR."

Suraj Verma


"A company, which is working even in today time keeping in mind its moral value and responsibility. Whether or not the deal is finalized because of money, no compromises on the quality of the deliverable Items."

Our Blog

Latest news

Design House
August 06,2022

Common Interior Designing Mistakes You must avoid

We all enjoy decorating our homes, but it can be challenging, particularly when done extensively. There are a few things you should stay away from whether you are decorating your home yourself or with expert assistance. With all the factors involved, including lighting, appropriate architecture, spacing furniture, etc., interior design can become challenging. If you have little/ no experience with interior design, blunders will inevitably occur.

The following typical interior design mistakes must be avoided!

  • Light

When it comes to home décor, light is likely the most crucial element. No matter how much time or money you invest; if the lighting isn’t right, it would be a waste of money and time. Lighting is more than just removing the darkness. You may improve the beauty of your décor by using the proper type and amount of lighting. Make sure you have the right lighting to go with any boldly coloured walls you may have. Be sure to install warm lights if you intend to have a spot for your comfortable, nice evenings.

  • The right-sized furniture

The right-sized furniture is one of the most important components for interior design, especially when it is for your home. You can contact some of the top space saver furniture suppliers in Delhi NCR to get the right-sized furniture for your home. The majority of people choose the furniture they like based on its colour, style, and type. But when it comes to picking the correct furniture, size is one of the most important and crucial factors. A large piece of furniture will not only take up valuable room in a tiny living area but will also make it appear even smaller. Always think about the use and location of the furniture before purchasing it.

  • Get proper spacing by placing it right

The majority of the time, we observe furniture, particularly the sofa, couch, or table, positioned against a wall. To get it in the right place you can even contact some of the best modular dressing table manufacturers in Delhi NCR as they can help you get the best dressing table and other furniture designed as per the suitability of your place. It is crucial to arrange your furniture such that you have ample of space

  • Avoid oversized curtains

Large curtains are difficult to maintain and throw off the room’s symmetry. The proper sizing not only keeps them clean longer but also facilitates room cleaning. Sheer and blackout curtains can be used to your advantage and will serve a variety of functions.

  • Bathroom: Say Yes to Storage and No to Claustrophobic

A storage cabinet in your bathroom can significantly improve the space. Along with keeping all of your amenities in one location, it also lets you store all of your towels and bathrobes anywhere you like. A curtain to divide your bathroom from the toilet should be avoided. Curtains can make the room feel cramped and interfere with the lighting and natural ventilation. To divide the spaces, use a glass door or panel instead.

  • Ventilation and natural Lighting

Make sure your home has adequate ventilation and natural lighting, regardless of the style you have in mind or what your professional designer has offered. Even a well-designed living area can seem to confine if it doesn’t have enough ventilation. You can talk to some of the top interior designers in Delhi NCR about this before you plan to design your home. If there isn’t enough natural light in our home, you’ll frequently feel confined. Larger glass windows, doors, or adjacent balconies in your kitchen may brighten the entire room. Additionally, it will offer much-needed natural air and a glimpse of the outside world.

To Summarize

We frequently have a tendency to commit numerous minor errors, which might later compound into major issues. Small adjustments to the décor might not be a major deal, but hiring a professional is strongly advised if you need to redesign your living area on a larger scale. You will not only save time, but you will also avoid costly mistakes that you would make if you do not have a lot of interior design experience.

Importance of Corporate Interior Designing

Interior Design- when you pronounce these two words together, a beautiful presentation of your home is all that comes to mind. However, designing for a business is different than designing for your home. It is vital to design a workplace that is practical, aesthetically pleasing, cozy, and attractive for workers who spend a significant portion of their day there because these features all foster productivity and efficiency.

You must read this blog if you are also confused about why you need to contact a corporate interior designer in Delhi NCR.

Interior design has an impact on people’s moods, attitudes, inspiration, drive, and everything in between, just like evidence-based design in healthcare settings. As a result, providing an environment that is welcoming to owners, employees, and customers is now considered a necessity rather than a luxury. Let us find out why corporate interior designers in Delhi NCR are important:

Commercial Interior Designing

Designing business spaces is the focus of the interior design subfield known as commercial interior design. This is a crucial component in the design of commercial, industrial, and office spaces nowadays.

  • Draws Client Attention by Contributing

Drawing in potential customers is the main driver behind the desire to contact retail interior designers in Delhi NCR for a commercial space. It should have an appealing design that is entirely focused on practicality and on the practical side of things, making sure that style is also incorporated. Even if you consider your employees, the majority of individuals enjoy working in an office setting with fresh air. Additionally, they prefer working in environments that are calm and orderly. So that individuals may walk about easily, it is crucial that the office has plenty of room.

  • Offers Recreational Space

A little downtime improves employees' potential, which is something that Design House Commercial Interior Designers in Delhi emphasizes. It is equally crucial in a commercial setting as it is in a home one. Making commercial premises comfortable is a commercial interior designer's main duty in order to encourage employees to devote more time to their work.


  • Aids in optimizing the space and lighting

When designing the interiors of commercial spaces, proper utilization of light and space should be prioritized. Along with other technicians, an architect and designer must collaborate. The task of a business interior designer begins after the construction phase. The key objective is to create a wonderful environment for your clients so that they may work with you in confidence. Making appropriate workstations with enough free space is crucial. Utilize natural lights as much as you can, and combine them with artificial light to create the most effective lighting solutions.

  • Ensures future expansion

Professional corporate interior designers in Delhi NCR will take the potential expansion of your business into account. Growth is co-related with human capital, which can be increased by fostering a positive work environment. You may get the aesthetics you want through commercial interior design, which will make your workplace conducive to success and growth. It is that crucial factor that supports your financial gain in all respects.

Final Words

In the modern world, there are many skilled and knowledgeable interior design companies that you can locate online that are recognized to specialize in creating high-quality interiors in addition to commercial interior design. Such designers are sufficiently qualified to guarantee that all of your requirements will be satisfied in a way that will both make your space admirable and be advantageous for the expansion of your business. These designers have the skills necessary to guarantee both practicality and safety without sacrificing design or aesthetic appeal. They remodel as well as build, which means they frequently collaborate with manufacturers and contractors to make crucial structural decisions. Visit us to learn about corporate interior designers in Delhi NCR.  

July 26,2022