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Design House India Private Limited is one of the most well-known and well-equipped producers of retail display solutions. Our more efficient manufacturing and distribution network reaches across the country, providing clients with hassle-free solutions across the country. We have been in the retail and corporate marketing field for over 14 years and have specialised in-house design, manufacturing, and execution facilities. We provide goods and services in over 30 categories.

We have been in the retail and corporate marketing field for over 14 years and have specialised in-house design, manufacturing, and execution facilities. We provide goods and services in over 30 categories.

Design House India Private Limited, established in 2000 is a multi discipline interior designing firm founded on a commitment to client service and quality design...

What We Do

Our success rate is based on two important questions, what we do and how we do, while what we do is we turn your house into a beautiful home, whereas how we do is based on three important pillars that are of evaluating concepts, developing designs, and implementing them with the best possible method to achieve your intended goals in order to shape the path of your project.

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Owing to our years of experience and expertise in product merchandising we are offering services varying across industries like consumer durables, beverages, technology, etc. to name a few.

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retail merchandising store design in delhi
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Retail & Corporate Interior

We will help you in elevating your business, without making your pockets lighter

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signage board design in delhi

Branding & Signages

Effective branding & signage is important because it allows you to draw your attention to your company and further develop your brand.

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event exhibition stall manufacturers in delhi
event exhibition stall manufacturers in delhi

Exhibition & Events

A business exhibition or even can help you get a brilliant chance to research your market

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What People Says?

Vikash Gupta


"We are so grateful DESIGN HOUSE was selected for our new retail project. Working so closely with their team was a pleasure. They were professional and supportive, and they completely understood every aspect of what we wanted to capture. They described how we wanted our guests to feel as well as the design of the space that we wanted to create."

Aadesh Singh


"It has been a pleasure and a positive experience working with Design House. Their team did more than was required of them. We finished with a beautiful, functional, and very unique environment."

Tara Kumar


"Design House has done for us in an efficient and professional manner. The exceptionally talented team has provided us with a distinctive environment for our staff and customers. We are looking forward to future projects with Design House as it has been a great experience all around."

Vaishali Kumari


"Design House India has a great team, friendly relation, they designed the ideal house for my needs. They were originally recommended to us by a friend and now we recommend them."

Unnati Manav


"Design House India turned my house into a home. At the end, it was better than I could have ever imagined. We love it!”"

Lokesh Singh


"Working with Design House India, is working with glamour, responsibility, and commitment. They will work with your needs and help you going through the transition of renovating your home. Great company to work with, dedicated and passionate team."

Ankit Rajput


"7.It is great working with Design House India,on all of our residential and commercial projects. We highly recommend working with them… progressive interior design and easy execution!"

Aarush Rai


"It has always been a great experience in working with the team of Design House. They do their work in a professional manner. Great job team!"

Rachel Lakra


"I have worked with Design House for over 3 projects now and it’s just EASY and done better than anything I could attempt to do on my own. Now when I buy properties, I don’t hesitate or panic when I know they need to be completely renovated. "

Himanshu Kohli


"It is an honor to work continuously with the team at Design House. They are very professional, detailed and creative at everything they do."

Devesh Singh


"One of the best corporate interior designing company in Delhi NCR."

Suraj Verma


"A company, which is working even in today time keeping in mind its moral value and responsibility. Whether or not the deal is finalized because of money, no compromises on the quality of the deliverable Items."

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October 18,2023

An Overview of Corporate Interiors in Delhi

The interior design of a corporate workplace is important to both employees and customers. Employees who spend the majority of their day in an office need an environment that is visually appealing, comfortable, useful, and inviting - all of which encourage efficiency and productivity.

The corporate office designs reveal the full story of the company, brand, professionalism, and successes. If your corporate office is gorgeous and has a feel-good factor and pleasant feelings, the entire staff will interact smoothly.

Furthermore, your corporate interior design is the first impression that your clients will have. Expert corporate interior designers in North India have the skills and experience to develop what is most suited for your property. Expert Corporate Interiors in Delhi are dependable and well-known for their great planning, design, colours, and lighting to add value to your business.

Who really are Corporate Designers?

Corporate designers are basically specialists who design the interiors of various professional workplaces such as tiny offices, high-rise office complexes, and so on. They always make every effort to establish work environments that are useful, efficient, appealing, and safe for their employees. Corporate Interior Designers in Delhi are knowledgeable and skilled professionals capable of developing a company visual identity as it appears in sponsorship programs, commercials, promotional material, communication releases, and other sorts of media channels.

What are the advantages of a well-designed office interior?

The inside of a business office is critical in shifting the overall appearance. Office interiors can accomplish amazing things, whether you want to attract the attention of your clients or enhance productivity by influencing employee morale. However, the following are the most prevalent and immediate advantages of having your workplace designed by the best Corporate Interior Designers in North India:

  • The office interior might provide more than timely and valuable recompense to the workers who work there. Because the personnel spends so much time at the office, it has a significant impact on their thought process and final results. So you can not disregard the returns on investment for a professionally decorated, lively atmosphere office environment that enhances employee efficiency and productivity.
  • It is impossible to create a wow factor for your consumers and clients unless your office interior is attractively designed. It is the initial impression your clients have of your company and brand. Nameplates, furniture placements, wall colours, decorative lighting, and other such details can help to establish trust.
  • The more space efficient your office is, the easier it is for employees to move around. This significantly enhances their productivity.
  • According to one study, an employee who is content with his or her work environment is more productive, prefers to stay in the office for an extended period of time, and prefers your organization over competitors.
  • Interior design that is interwoven with your branding is essential, and professional designers make it possible.


If you wish for professionalism and knowledge, then, Corporate Interiors in Delhi like Design House India Pvt Ltd. should be your final destination. We offer the necessary infrastructure and credibility to provide the office space you require. Furthermore, our professionals are continually on the lookout for new approaches to assist clients. We put together a team of architects, engineers, interior decorators, and financial managers to design your office within your budget.









Top Space- Saving Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

Small space apartments require small and compact furniture designs that may provide both aesthetic and functional value. Small furniture designs might be fascinating because they converse rooms in small homes. Do you have any questions concerning the furniture designs? Then, worry not since we have the best modern space-saving furniture manufacturers in Delhi NCR that can help you with the best ideas for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, wardrobes, dining rooms, storage, and more. In this article, we will discuss many space-saving furniture solutions for small-space homes and apartments.

Small Bedrooms Ideas that Save Space

Small spaces frequently limit design options, leaving them devoid of attractive decor. Scaling down your decor dreams, on the other hand, should not even be considered. In a small bedroom, strong colors can genuinely play the role of creating the illusion of space. A queen size bed with box bed storage or contacting some of the best Wardrobes Designers & Manufacturers in Delhi NCR is an option. It will increase storage space for bed sheets, bedcovers, and other items. Along with this storage space, a stunning headboard meets the functional parts of the needs. 

In a small bedroom, certain double-duty furniture can save space while also performing multiple functions. One of the wonderful double-duty furniture ideas that serve the usability of both the closet and the dressing table is the wardrobe design with the dressing table. The mirror placed in the wardrobe is reflecting and provides your bedroom with a more spacious appearance. It all comes down to being inventive with storage furniture. Some beds include built-in drawers for storing items and reducing clutter in the bedroom.

Designs for Small Space Dining

When it comes to dining rooms, you might be wondering how to fit dining sets into such a little space. There are many more space-efficient dining furniture alternatives available, ranging from extensible table sets to portable modular dining table sets that can be folded when not in use. Dining set designs can be made to accommodate matched chairs for nice dining with family members or visitors.

Ideas for Modular Kitchens

When you have a small kitchen, you may believe that the lack of space prevents you from having your favorite modular kitchen shelves. Make good use of the space above the refrigerator, stove, and sink. You might cleverly design wall shelves and cupboards from this area to store kitchen items. Open cabinets in this kitchen will provide the illusion of additional space, so a modular kitchen may be readily developed to provide more storage possibilities. This kitchen island provides the option of built-in storage and surfaces. Contact some of the best Modular Kitchen Manufacturers in Delhi NCR that can help you get the best out of the remaining area.

Smart Sofa and Bed Options

A variety of furniture designs are available that are ideal for small apartments. With the passage of time, technology progressed, and so did the sofa-bed design. The couch bed furniture in the living room is both attractive and comfy, with soft cushions. This sort of couch furniture readily extends to the bed area and can also be folded to create comfortable sitting sofas. Similarly, Murphy beds serve the dual purpose of being comfortable mattresses at night and excellent chairs throughout the day.

Ideas for Effective Study Tables

Working from home or studying may be difficult in a small home. Design House India Pvt Limited offers modular and innovative space-saving study table designs so you can work in the privacy of your own home. A portable study table with a floating desk can be useful in a home corner. It takes up no more room and can thus be folded back against the wall when not in use. If you have an underutilized corner in your home, you may make the most of it by putting a corner study desk or study table folding.

Modern Wardrobe Designs

When designed creatively, a small bedroom area can become the home of some of the best wardrobe ideas. Sloped and corner closets, for example, can simply adapt to the problematic locations beneath the stairs and under sloping roofs. Sliding doors and built-in wardrobes can be constructed for compact spaces, reducing space utilization while also leaving space for the room, and making it appear larger. Mirrors in a wardrobe offer the benefits of the wardrobe as well as the dressing design. Wardrobe designs with storage drawers and shelves for jewellery and tiny accessories will allow you to free up extra room by storing this small stuff.  


Are you looking for Top Space- Saving Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces? You are at the right place, Design House India one of the best Space Saving Furniture Suppliers in Delhi NCR is also India's leading furniture retail brand, providing high-quality furniture throughout the country. We have expertise in curating world-class furniture goods for consumers. Visit us at our official website to discover further furniture styles and interior design collections at incredible prices.

April 19,2023