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Home Temple Designs That Fit Right into Modern Interiors

Home Temple Designs That Fit Right into Modern Interiors

For the majority of Indian homes, home temple design is essential. Therefore, it is not surprising that you are looking at a large number of prayer rooms to find something that would complement your interior design scheme. Fortunately, you have found the proper site. At Design House India Pvt Ltd. one of the best interior designers in Delhi, we don’t see the home temple designs as an add-on. We ensure that the temple seamlessly blends into the story of the house temple.

And for this reason, we never choose pre-made temples for homes. We customise modern house temple designs for each home because we are aware that each one has a unique vibe. In this blog, we present some of our favourite temple designs for your home. These come in a variety of designs and aesthetics so you can select the type of prayer room you want. So why are you still waiting? Choose the temple design that best suits you, from the below listed hand-picked selection by Design House India Pvt Ltd.

Jaali Home Temple Design for Modern Interiors

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                         Home temple design with Jaali Work

Modern Indian apartments would look wonderful with this jaali pyramid home mandir design. It is little and would fit neatly in any nook of your home. Beautiful wood or marble work in the traditional jaali style is a feature of the mandir design. One huge idol or two to three smaller idols would be appropriate for this mandir design. Install this gorgeous home mandir in a spot of your home with little traffic.  You can avail more interior design ideas from the official website of Design House India.

A Simple Home Mandir Design

                                  A simple home temple design for small spaces

Here's a basic design for you if you like them. Its design serves as a reminder that prayer nooks can also be straightforward. There is only one wooden shelf, on which you can display your idol. For such a design, be sure you utilise a solid hardwood plank. For a wall-mounted temple design, a marble slab can be used in place of a wooden shelf. Small homes are the perfect fit for this kind of temple. It looks really nice and saves space.

Classic Marble Home Temple Design

                                   Marble Temple Design for Timeless beauty

There's a reason marble temples have existed for so long. They endure forever. Marble adds an opulent charm that makes it appear grand. Decide on this marble house temple design if you have a designated mandir chamber. A marble mandir frame is positioned squarely in the centre of the room's off-white marble floor tiles. A shelf that can be utilised to store holy books and other mandir necessities is included beneath the temple frame. A pair of grey-upholstered poufs may also be included with this mandir so you can sit comfortably while saying your prayers. 

A Sleek Home Temple Design For Your Bedroom

A space-saving temple design for the bedroom

Having a tiny prayer place in bedrooms is very popular. However, due to the limited available space, this becomes challenging. Our designing team thought it was a great concept to conserve space while still incorporating a mandir in the bedroom, nevertheless. The modular wardrobe is included with this home temple design. The laminate finish on the wardrobe and the mandir frame is the same. The fact that this mandir design has storage drawers underneath is its finest feature.


The interior of your home can be dramatically improved by selecting the ideal home temple design. For this reason, you must always pick a pooja unit that blends in with the interior design of the rest of your house. So feel free to choose various types of materials and designs to create the ideal temple layout for your room. Feel free to contact us at if you require any assistance.