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Gift Your Home the Best Modular Furniture

Gift Your Home the Best Modular Furniture

Home is the loveliest place on earth. It is more than just a wall-and-concrete building; it is also an emotion, a sensation, and a nest that we all want to get back to. It’s a cosy setting where you are free to be who you are, your own little world where everything about it speaks to you. Interior design is one of the most important factors in turning a house into a home. Everything that turns your dream home into a reality, including the furnishings and décor.

It can be a little scary to entrust someone with such a significant duty, but at Design House India Pvt. Ltd, we respect your feelings. Our top priority is to make your house into the perfect home you have always wanted. Modular furniture by Design House India Pvt. Ltd speaks for itself and has no doubt, helped us earned a prestigious notion of being one of the best space saver furniture supplier in Delhi NCR. The robustness, finish, texture, quality, and modern mechanisms are ideal for giving your home the stylish, practical, and utilitarian appearance you desire.

So, first let us find out What Is Modular Furniture?

In contrast to crafted furniture, a set of modular furniture parts can be customised to your home and needs. It gives your home a sleek appearance and offers lots of storage space. You can use the corners and dead ends that would be otherwise impossible to access for storage. You can also deconstruct and reassemble modular furniture to suit your needs. House furniture that is modular is strong, sustainable, simple to replace, and it provides you the freedom to experiment with contemporary textures, finishes, and mechanics that give your home an opulent feel and increase efficiency.

Modular Kitchen that perfectly meets your demand

It has been rightly said that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, however with a bit of editing we can write it as “the way to everyone’s heart is through their stomach”. One of a home’s most important rooms is the kitchen. There will be 20% extra storage space in your kitchen thanks to contemporary designs and technologies. With cutting-edge innovations like skirting drawers, appliance garages, tandem drawers, janitor units, S and D shapes carousels, pull-out drawers, and under sink units, all available space in your kitchen is used, and you can cook without having to worry about clutter.

Increase your utility and efficiency with modern modular furniture for home

We are regarded as one of the best modular wardrobe manufacturers in Delhi NCR which defines our dedication to quality services. Both the décor of our living room and bedroom is stylish and functional. All of our modular furniture designs are created using premium materials and laminates that are water-resistant, strong, environment friendly, and increase the effectiveness of your house. You have plenty of storage options and can keep your area organised and clutter-free with the help of folding cabinets, TV units, and closets.

Reasons to opt for modular furniture

We guarantee the highest level of quality in every component that goes into creating our modular furniture design. High-Density Fibreboard is used for dry regions, whereas Boiling Water Proof (BWP) and High Density and High Moisture Resistant (HDHMR) plywood are used for moist areas of the house. These are all ISI-certified products.

We are aware of how irritating it may be to come across furniture with uneven edges, clanging cabinet drawers, or rusted hinges. However, Design House’s main priorities are the quality of our modular house furniture and the contentment of our customers. Our factory-finished modular furniture offers you and incredibly smooth surface with advantages for baby proofing. In addition to protecting your home against fungus and germs, they are water-resistant. To prevent rusting or deterioration, even the hinges, handles, and panels are made of high-quality materials.

The process is simple and hassle-free thanks to our dedicated designers and managers

We are dedicated to making your house into the home of your dreams. To provide you with the finest, our designers and Happiness Managers collaborate with you to understand your needs, preferred style, and financial constraints. One of our USPs is the use of space-saving modular furniture in house designs, but we also work to customise your space for you. No matter what you want, whether it's an indoor garden, meditation room, gaming room, modest puja room, spiral staircases, a fun kid’s room, or a home office, our top-notch designers will do their best to make it a reality.


Get a free consultation with our designers if you want a home with all these contemporary elements, the newest modular furniture, and your own unique touch. We value our notion of being one of the top home interior designers as well as we value your dream of making a perfect home. Visit our websites for more information and blogs.