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5 Tips To Consider While Installing A Modular Kitchen!

5 Tips To Consider While Installing A Modular Kitchen!

What is the significance of your kitchen to you? It's the most essential room in your house since it's where you plan your meals, prepare your favourite dishes, and entertain visitors. It's never a good idea to skimp on kitchen design since it's important to consider both aesthetics and utility to make your kitchen more than just a cooking environment.

Whether you live in a small apartment with little storage or have modern appliances in a gorgeous layout with a wide marble island, there are a bevvy of inventive solutions that may always work to improve your modular kitchen. Following are 5 interior recommendations to consider if you're building a modular kitchen within your house, as suggested by one of Delhi's greatest interior designer DESIGN HOUSE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED.

Everything revolves around convenience.

When it comes to kitchen design, most homeowners like complexity, but professional designers have a different opinion. For improved convenience, important kitchen elements such as the stove, long cabinets, sink, and so on should be positioned on a straight line. Maintain a 4-9 foot spacing between each piece if you don't want your area to get congested. For space, aesthetics, and organisation, you can use the U or L shape rule.

Have plenty of storage space.

The main objective of a modular kitchen is to increase storage space. Your storage, on the other hand, should never get in the way of your kitchen design. If you need extra storage, consider a U-shaped kitchen plan. It will provide you enough of area to stroll while also allowing you to store your cabinets and drawers.

The L-rule

The cooktop and refrigerator should be on the same wall as the sink or cabinets, according to the golden triangle guideline of kitchen design. This can only be done in an L-shaped kitchen, and the design is ideal for small rooms since it allows for plenty of counter space and movement.

Relax in your own personal space.

Working in a kitchen may be a stressful one. When you get into the kitchen after a long day of toiling to prepare some wonderful meals for yourself and your family, you need a spot to unwind in the middle of the cooking process. Include a seating space that may be used as a gossip corner, a resting place, or a dining area, especially if you have an open kitchen.

What materials are easiest to maintain?

Isn't there just too much going on in your kitchen, from oil stains to spice wars? If you want your kitchen to be easy to maintain, cover your hood in the same material as your back-splash to make it seem clean and sleek. Always use glossy finishes since they are easier to maintain and allow you to tile as much surface area as possible.

To Conclude!

Always take cues from the best interior designers when you're designing. If you have the space, display lovely objects such as chimney, and use pendant lights as kitchen jewellery. There are a plethora of creative methods to combine disparate materials and get a matte or glossy finish, depending on your desire. Consider innovative design ideas to turn your kitchen into a functionally attractive piece of art. If you are struggling to find the best interiors in Delhi/NCR, then make sure to contact Design House India Private India, as they are one of the leading and renowned interior designers firms in India.  Make sure to contact them to know about the details. The team available will help you in creating the best Modular Kitchen.